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GH-cocotekbrick.Cat.gif Cocotek Organic Grow Media

CocoTekŪ is an organic grow media and will break down on its own in three years. Better still, you can run it through a chipper and amend your soil with it. CocoTekŪ is incredibly strong, which makes it a better candidate for use with enzyme products that convert roots to biomass. All the cubes and slabs have been designed with perforated holes to fit rooting plugs.

Choose from the following products:

CocoTek Brick
CocoTek Brick case/24
5kg Bale Cocogro Coir Fiber Organic Grow Media
Jump Start 100% Coconut Fiber Grow Plugs 24/pack
Jump Start 100% Coconut Fiber Grow Plugs case/1152
B'Cuzz Coco Premium Grow Media 50 Liter