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DM-GrowAB-S (2).gif Dutch Master Advance Plant Nutrient A&B Grow Formula

Dutchmaster Advance Grow A 2.54-0-1.65 & Grow B 0.65-0.75-4.4

  • DUTCH MASTER™ ADVANCE is the first nutrient in the world to incorporate the radical new concept of Krebs Cycle Metabolites to provide, a real performance boost from a hydroponic nutrient. The Krebs Cycle is the primary energy cycle of all plants, without which plants could not grow and thrive. The unique Krebs Cycle Metabolites contained within ADVANCE allows for the accelerated metabolism, growth & development of your plants through what is known as “Short Cycling”. Ultimately this results in superior yields with increased flavor or aroma for those growing flowers or herbs.

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Dutch Master Advance Grow A&B Set 34oz
Dutch Master Advance Grow A&B Set 1.32 Gal