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Future Brite electronic grow light ballasts operate using electronic circuitry with a 99% power Factor and silent operation. Future Brite ballasts feature built-in axial fans for cooling and built-in short circuit protection. Electronic ballasts are voltage specific and available in 400W 120V, 600W 120V or 240V, 1000W 120V with 240V coming. Will ignite HPS and Metal Halide lamps for all purpose growing with a simple lamp change during each growing stage. Ballasts come wired with a female receptacle to accept Sunlights optional 15ft or 25ft lamp socket and cord for use with all Sunlight reflectors. Adaptor available for use with Hydrofarm reflectors. Future Brite handles all product warranties directly: (866) 776-8405

Choose from the following products:

Future Brite 400W 120V Electronic Ballast
Future Brite 600W 120V Electronic Ballast
Future Brite 600W 240V Electronic Ballast
Future Brite 1000W 120V Electronic Ballast
Future Brite 1000W 240V Electronic Ballast

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