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Galaxy and Infinity electronic ballasts feature the exclusive Smart Volt™ feature; Operates on both 120 & 240 volt power. Simply unplug one cord and plug in the other. 8-foot 120 volt power cord included. Purchase 240 volt cord separately when usinf 240V input voltage. Galaxy ballasts can ignite both HPS & MH lamps, very quiet operation, rubber feet reduce noise and vibration, short circuit protection, with constant wattage output—no lamp flickering. Galaxy ballasts come wired with a female receptacle for use with all Sunlight reflectors. Optional adaptor available for use with Hydrofarm reflectors. 5 Year Warranty on Galaxy ballasts

Choose from the following products:

Galaxy 400W 120V-240V Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 600W 120V-240V Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 1000W 120/240V Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 1000W 240V Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 150W 120/240V Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 250W 120/240V Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 250W 120/240V Dual Electronic Ballast
Galaxy 150W 120/240V Dual Electronic Ballast