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V-HPS250-1000.S.gif High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Ballast Kits

100, 150, 250, 400, and 1000 watt HPS replacement ballast kits. High Pressure Sodium Ballast Kits include the following components; Transformer, Ignitor (Starter), Capacitor, Universal mounting bracket, and wiring schematic. These are component kits, not complete ballast enclosures, designed to replace a failed ballast in an existing lighting system and do not include the socket or an enclosure

Choose from the following products:

100W HPS Quad-Tap Ballast
150W HPS Quad-Tap Ballast
250W HPS Quad-Tap Ballast
400W HPS Quad-Tap Ballast
1000W HPS Quad-Tap Ballast
100W HPS 120V Ballast
150W HPS 120V Ballast
70W HPS Quad Tap Ballast Kit
70W HPS 120V Ballast Kit