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AeroGarden Hydroponic Growing System is the world’s first kitchen garden appliance that allows anyone – even “brown thumbs” with no gardening experience – to simply, conveniently and affordably grow healthy and delicious Farmer’s Market Fresh™ herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more, all year-round, right on their kitchen counter top, without dirt, bugs, weeding or mess. The AeroGarden™ uses NASA-proven, high-yield aeroponic technology and built-in grow lights to create a self-watering, self-feeding, fully automated indoor garden that grows plants faster and healthier than plants grown in soil. Aerogarden has implemented a Minimum Advertised Price program that requires us to sell their product at a pegged retail price and prevents us from discounting product to our customer. As a result we are discontinuing this product and closing out our remaining stock. We refuse to support a Chinese made product that requires us to overcharge our customer. Close Out Prices apply to stock on hand only.

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Aerogarden Petunia Flower Seed Kit