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CAP-Charcole filter.gif Organic Air Recirculating Charcoal Fiber Scrubbers

Single Layer, Recirculating Scrubbers. The Deau Passe Organic Air Charcoal Scrubber is a line of super efficient, high capacity filters designed to remove particulate matter as well as odors and gases from air. Made from small-pore activated carbon, the charcoal fiber lays out a flattened surface area the size of a regular football field for every one gram of the material. This filtering action is supplemented by the filter design with circumferential and vertical pleats in combination with the inverted nose cone that offers the largest fiber surface area of activated carbon you can get on the market.

Choose from the following products:

4 Inch Single Layer Multi-Pass Charcoal Fiber Scrubber
6 Inch Single Layer Multi-Pass Charcoal Fiber Scrubber