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SL-PropDomeKit.S.gif Propagation Trays & Humidomes

Propagation trays and humidomes are available in various sizes for propagating seeds and cuttings.

Choose from the following products:

10x20x6 Inch Snug Fit Propagation Humidome
20x10 Propagation Flat w/o Holes
20x10 Propagation Flat Seed Cell 72 count
22x22x7 Inch Propagation Tray
22x22x8 Inch Propagation Humidome
Propagation Ready Gro Super Plugs
ReadyGro 1.5x1.5 organic grow plugs case/1400
10x20 Propagation Tray & Seed Cell w/Humidome
10x20x7 Propagation Humidome
10.5x21x4.5 Inch Propagation Humidome