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LED Growing Lamps Plant Grow Light Strips 24W 120 LEDs Growing Light Strips with For Sale

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LED Growing Lamps Plant Grow Light Strips 24W 120 LEDs Growing Light Strips with:

IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR PURCHASE, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST, SO WE CAN RESOLVE THE ISSUE AND GUARANTEE YOU 100% SATISFACTION.IF EVERYTHING IS SATISFACTORY, PLEASE LEAVE US POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND WE WILL DO THE SAME. LED Growing Lamps Plant Grow Light Strips 24W 120 LEDs Growing Light Strips with Auto On/Off Timer,10 Dimmable Levels,3 Switch Modes, Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants, Garden Flowers Veg, Hydroponic PlantColorRed,blue Light Source TypeLEDWattage24 wattsControl MethodRemoteAbout this item🌻【Red and Blue 4: 1 & LED Plant Lamp】4x1.6ft 24W Plant Growing Lamps with 120 LEDs, providing red and blue 4:1 spectrum suitable for plants, can promote seed germination, seedling growth, and fruit ripening. Suitable for the cultivation of indoor plants, garden flowers, vegetables, and aquatic plants.🌻【10 Dimmable Options & 3 Switch Modes】The Plant Growing Lamps provides 10 brightness options from 10% to 100%, which effectively provides the natural light that the plant needs at different growth stages, and better promotes the growth of the plant. With 3 switching modes, it is very convenient to turn on lamp 1 and lamp 2 or turn on lamp 3 and lamp 4 or turn on all lamps through infrared remote control or controller.🌻【Auto On / Off & 24-Hour Cycle Control】Three timing modes can be set to Plant Grow Light for 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours to ensure that your plants get the right amount of lighting. When you travel or vacation, it is very practical. As long as the Plant Light Strips are kept powered on and set once, it will turn on at the same time the next day.🌻【Easy Installation & Convenient Control】The LED Growth Lamp can be fixed at any position on the flower stand by 3M adhesive tape on the back or fixed in a suitable position by a cable tie. After connecting the power, you can control all functions through the central controller or infrared remote control. Note: The best lighting duration: 8-12 hours, the best lighting distance: 11.8-17.7 inches. Adjust different settings according to different plants. Note the use time:1. Generally, the total time required for plants to be exposed to sunlight and plant lights is about 16 hours per day. After 4 hours of sun exposure, if it encounters a rainy day, it is recommended to continue to use plant lights for about 12 hours on this basis.2. It is recommended to follow the natural and sunlight-free indoor plant lamp use time of about 12.16 hours per day, according to the actual growth of the plant to adjust3. More pictures on cloudy days, less pictures on sunny days, more pictures in winter and less pictures in summer. More photos at seedling stage, more photos at conventional flowering stage and fruiting stage.Note the use distance:1. For general households, grow succulents, flowers, etc., about 20-50CM away from the foliage of plants.2. Pay attention to the use of facility agriculture and greenhouse cultivation. Control the distance between the LED plant light and the plant distance and the distance between the LED plant lights.According to the actual situation, it cannot be too close or too far, so that the light covers the required area and gets a higher Light efficiency utilization.YiaMia is a production company specializing in LED growth lights, using high-quality materials to produce high-quality LED plant growth light strips.120 LEDs 24W Red and Blue 4:1 4x1.64ft Plant Growing LightThe ratio of red light to blue light is 4: 1. The high efficiency of red light is conducive to photosynthesis, which is helpful for flowering, fruit ripening and seed germination.Blue light helps to induce the production of chlorophyll and carotene, which is beneficial to the growth of branches and leaves of plants.The wavelength of LED light can be completely absorbed by plants, which helps to accelerate the growth of plants and the maturity of fruits.1. The role of red light (610-680nm)Red light is the main force of photosynthesis. Under certain red light conditions, photosynthesis works best.In low-light environments, red light has the highest photosynthesis efficiency for plants.Red light controls the photoperiod, and flowering rhythm Pr / Pfr affects flowering.Red light mainly helps plants produce carbohydrates, so that plants grow taller and leaves grow.2. The role of blue light (420-470nm)Blue light has a great influence on the initial growth of the plant and helps the plant establish a developed root system.Blue light will inhibit the growth of the main stem and leaves of the plant, but will increase the thickness of the main stem.Chlorophyll a / b has a strong absorption peak in the blue light region, which mainly helps plants synthesize proteins and amino acids.Appropriate blue light can make plants grow more evenly and healthily, and improve the quality of plant yield.High Luminous Effciency to Meet the Needs of PlantsPlant growth lamps can produce light intensity suitable for plant growth. According to the different absorption efficiency of oxygen at different light saturation points and light compensation points, different light intensities suitable for different plant needs can be selected to promote plant growth and development.Infrared Remote ControlHand-held remote control, you can turn on and off the power at any time, adjust the brightness of the light, change the timing cycle, and change the lighting mode. Appropriate Light TimeLong-day plantIn the process of plant growth and development, flower buds can only be formed when the daily care hours are limited to more than 14-17 hours. The longer the care period, the earlier the flowering. Such as rape, spinach, radish, cabbage, cuckoo, etc.Intermediate plantDuring plant growth and development, there is no strict requirement on the length of care. Such as rose, cucumber, tomato, chili, gentleman orchid, etc.Short day plantDuring plant growth and development, it needs 8-12 hours of light per day. Such as strawberry, morning glory, chrysanthemum, etc.
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