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Buy HPS Grow Lights, Metal Halide Grow Lights. Hydroponics Systems, HPS bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs, Liquid Plant Nutrients for Hydroponics Systems, Plant Fertilizers for soil gardens, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Grow Media and Gardening Supplies for Hydroponics Systems and Soil-Grown Gardens. Welcome to the world of Hydroponics and a 12-month growing season!

Plantlighting has very low product prices. We are able to offer the lowest prices on all products because we are a wholesale company and ship from vaious warehouses. Because of our low overhead you save on grow lights, hydroponics systems, plant nutrients & supplements, Hortilux and Sunmaster Metal Halide bulbs, and Hortilux High Pressure Sodium bulbs, timers, meters and controllers. Our pledge is to offer the lowest price on every product.

New to indoor gardening or a seasoned grower, you'll find what you're looking for. Need help selecting grow lights or a hydroponics system? Click here to find answers to some common grow lights and hydroponics systems questions.

Frequently asked questions about grow lights and hydroponics systems.

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Grow Lights and Hydroponics Product Index - Category (NEW!)
1/4 2 gph Button Drippers
1000W HPS Grow Bulbs
1000W Metal Halide Lamps
100W HPS Grow Bulbs
100W Metal Halide Lamps
1500 PPM Reference Solution
1500W Metal Halide Lamps
150W HPS Grow Bulbs
175W Metal Halide Lamps
240V Power Boxes
250W HPS Grow Bulbs
250W Metal Halide Lamps
270W HPS Grow Bulbs
400W HPS Grow Bulbs
400W Metal Halide Lamps
430W HPS Grow Bulbs
5000K MH Conversion Bulbs
600W HPS Grow Bulbs
Active Air Charcoal Filters
AEROFLO˛ Aeroponic Systems
Aeroponic Clone Spinner
Aeroponic Microjet Spinners
AgroBrite T12 Fluorescent Lamps
Agrosun T12 Fluorescent Lamps
Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers
Air Cool Fittings
Air Pumps Commercial Grade
Aqua Shuttle Kit
Atami B'Cuzz Stimulants
B.C. Hydroponic Nutrients
Backdraft Dampers
Barbed Connectors
Beastie Bloomz® Soluble Nutrient
Blast Off Growth Stimulant
Blower Adaptors
Blue Stone Water Pump
Botanicare Aeroponics Garden
Botanicare Clone Machines
Botanicare Grow Trays
Botanicare Net Pots
Botanicare Power Clone Solutions
Botanicare Power Cloners
Botanicare Reservoirs
Bright Wing CFL Grow Light
Budget Gro 1000W Ballast
Budswel Guano Supplements
Cal-Mag Plus Bio-Catalyst
CAP 16-Light Control
CAP 24-Light Control
CAP 4-Light Control
CAP 8-Light Control
CAP Atmosphere Controls
CAP CO2 Controllers
CAP CO2 Regulators
CAP Delay Lighting Controls
CAP Electronic CO2 Generators
CAP Lighting Relays
CAP Master Controllers
CAP Recycle Timers
Carbonaire Charcoal Filters
Cha Ching® Soluble Nutrient
CHI™ Liquid Organic Foliar Spray
CHI™ Liquid Organic Foliar Spray
Clay Organic Grow Rocks
Clearex Leaching Soution
Clonex Coning Solutions
CO2 Boost
Coco Fiber Organic Grow Media
Coco Tek Baskets
Coco Tek Liners
Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Cool Sun 6 Switchable Lights
Cool Sun SS-1 Grow Lights
CoolSun Electronic Grow Light
Coolsun SS-10 Switchable Lights
Corona Discharge Ozone Generator
Cultilene Stonewool Grow Blocks
Cultilene Stonewool Grow Cubes
Cultilene Stonewool Grow Slabs
Diamond Black Dry Humic Acid
Diamond Nectar Humic Acid
Doktor Doom Insecticides
Dripper Stakes
Dual Diaphragm Air Pump
Duct Accessories
Duct Booster Fans
Dutch Master Advance Flower
Dutch Master Advance Grow
Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom
Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow
Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit
Ebb & Flow Fittings
Ebb & Gro Hydroponic System
EC and TDS Nutrient Meters
EC and TDS Nutrient Monitors
Eco Grower Hydroponic System
Econowing Electronic Grow Lights
EcoPlus Air Pumps
Ecoplus Blowers
EcoPlus Water Pumps
Electrode Solutions
Euro Grower Hydroponic System
Eye Blue Metal Halide Lamps
Eye HO Metal Halide Lamps
EYE HPS Conversion Bulbs
EYE MH Conversion Bulbs
EZ Clone
Fan Controls
Fantech Mixed Flow Inline Fans
Flexible Tubing
Flexible Tubing
Float Valves
Flora Series Nutrients
FLORA SHIELD Bacteria Control
FloraBlend Compost Tea
FloraKleen Cleaning Solution
Floralicious Organic Additive
Floralicious Plus
Floranova™ Series Nutrients
Fluorescent Ballasts T8
Fox Farm Dry Organic Fertilizers
Fox Farm Liquid Organic Nutrient
Fox Farm Organic Soils
Fresh2 Spring Lamps
Future Brite Electronic Ballasts
Galaxy Electronic Ballasts
Garden Sprayers
GE T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps
Good to Grow Trays
GreenFuse Stimulators
Grodan Rockwool Granulate
Grodan Rockwool Grow Blocks
Grodan Rockwool Grow Slabs
Grodan Stonewool Starter Plugs
Grotek Blossom Blaster
Grotek Monster Bloom
Grow Bags
Grow Buckets
Grow Light Components
Grow Light Hangers
Grow Light Meters
Grow Light Movers
Grow Lights Sunburst Enclosed
Grow Lights Xtrasun Remote
Grow Lights: Budget Gro Remote
Grow Lights: SS-2 Enclosed
Grow Lights: SS-3 Greenhouse
Grow Lights: SS-4 Enclosed
Grow Lights: SS-7 Full Spectrum
Grow Pot Saucers
Harvest-Master Climate Control
Harvest-Master Climate Control
Harvest-Master CO2 Controllers
Heat Mats
Hortilux HPS Grow Bulbs
Hortilux Super Blue
HPS Ballast Kits
Hydrofarm Reflectors
Hydroplex Liquid Supplement
Hydroponics AeroGarden
Hydroponics Emilys Garden
Hydroponics Hydrofarm Systems
Hygrozyme Bacteria-Free Enzyme
In-Line Water Filter
KoolBloom Ripening Additive
Liquid Karma Bio-catalyst
Lumatek Electronic Ballasts
Mag-Drive Water Pumps
Maxicrop Liquid Fish
Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed
Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed + Iron
MaxiSeries Dry Fertilizers
MaxPure™ Filters
MaxPure™ Water Purifiers
Measuring Containers/Spigots
Mesh Pots W/Rim
Metal Halide Ballast Kits
Micro-Pore Air Diffusers
Microgarden Hydroponic System
Motorized Dampers
Nitrozime Growth Stimulator
Olivia's Cloning Solutions
Open Sesame® Soluble Nutrient
Organa Supplement
Organic Air Charcoal Filters
Organic Air Charcoal Scrubbers
Organic Air HEPA filter
Organic Insecticides
Oscillating Fans
Pest Control Sprayers
Pest Traps
pH Calibration Kits
pH Combination Meters
pH Combination Monitors
pH Control Kit
pH Dry Adjusting Solution
pH Liquid Adjusting Solution
pH Reference Solutions
pH Test Kits
pH Waterproof Meters
PLUG 'n' CO2 Controllers
PLUG 'n' Grow Climate Controller
Pots Mesh Bottom
Power Series Liquid Nutrients
Propagation Kits
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays/Domes
Propagation Trays/Humidomes
Pump Filter Bags
Pure Blend Metobolic Formulas
Pure Blend Pro Organic Nutrients
Rainforest® Aeroponic Systems
Rare Earth Dry Organic Minerals
ReadyGro Organic Grow Media
Reflective Film
Rockwool Conditioning Solution
Rockwool Conditioning Solution
ROOTECH Cloning Gel
Seed Starters
Silicate Air Stones
Smart Pots
Soil and Liquid Testers
SolarMax Gold MH Lamps
SolarMax HPS Grow Bulbs
SolarMax MH Vegetative Lamps
Square Grow Pots
SS-1 Remote Ballast
SS-10 Remote Ballast
SS-10 Switchable Ballast
SS-6 Switchable Ballast
SS-7 Remote Dual Ballast
Sulfur Vaporizer
Sun Hut Greenhouses
Sun System 10 Cool Sun Lights
Sun System 10 Econowing Lights
Sun System 10 Sungro Lights
Sun System 10 Vertizontal Lights
Sun System 10 Yieldmaster4 Light
Sun System 10 Yieldmaster6 Light
Sun System 8 CFL Grow Light
SunGro 6 Switchable Lights
SunGro Electronic Grow Lights
SunGro SS-1 Grow Lights
SunGro SS-10 Switchable Lights
Sunlight Reflectors
Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamps
Sunmaster MH Conversion Bulbs
Super Sun 6 Switchable Lights
Super Sun Electronic Grow Lights
Super Sun SS-1 Grow Lights
Super Sun2 Electronic Grow Light
SUPERthrive Hormone Supplement
Sweet Carbohydrate Synthesizer
T5 New Wave 2FT Grow Lights
T5 New Wave 4FT Grow Lights
T5 Sun Blaze 2FT Grow Lights
T5 Sun Blaze 4FT Grow Lights
T5 Sun Blaze Strip Lights
T5 Tek-Light 3FT Grow Lights
T5 Tek-Light 4FT Grow Lights
TCP T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps
TCP T8 HO Fluorescent Lamps
TNC™ Water Pump
Tubing Support Stakes
Turbogarden Hydroponic System
Ultra Violet Ozone Generators
Ushio Red Metal Halide Lamps
Ushio T10 5000K Fluorescent Lamp
Ushio T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps
Ushio T8 Fluorescent Lamps
Valueline Centrifugal Fans
Vinyl Tubing Hole Plugs
Vortex Inline Fans
Water Chillers
Water Farm Hydroponic Systems
Whitmire Labs Insecticides
Wiggle Worm Soil Builder
Wiggle Worm Soil Builder
Wireless Sensors
Xtrasun Convertible Ballast
Xtrasun Remote Ballast
Yield Master4 Electronic Light
Yield Master6 Electronic Light