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EL-M400XU.S.gif 250W Metal Halide Lamps

250W Metal Halide lamps are available in 3000K for flowering growth, 4000 Kelvin and 4200 Kelvin for vegetative growth, 5000 Kelvin for enhanced vegetative growth, and full spectrum 6500K for enhanced vegetative and all purpose growth.

Choose from the following products:

Venture 250W 4000K Universal Metal Halide Bulb
Eye 250W 4200K Universal Metal Halide Bulb
Venture 250W 4000K Horizontal Metal Halide Bulb
Venture 250W 4000K Base Up Metal Halide Bulb
Venture 250W 5200K Universal Metal Halide Bulb
Ushio 250W 3200K Horizontal Metal Halide Bulb
Sylvania 250W 4200K BT28 Horizontal Metal Halide Bulb

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