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Sunlights Galaxy Electronic remote ballast and 25.5"x11"x6" Econowing 95% reflective aluminum Horizontal reflector. Not available with tempered glass lens or 4 inch air cool fittings. UL Listed for HPS only. Sunlight electronic remote ballast features an extruded aluminum housing that will never rust and has excellent heat dispensation qualities. Extremely efficient - 99% power factor and saves energy compared to HID ballast systems. Electronic ballasts will operate eith HPS or Metal Halide lamps and are voltage specific, Choose a 400W 120V-240V, 600W 120V-240V, 1000W 120V, and 1000W 240V lighting system. 3-year full and 2-year prorated rebuild or replace warranty. We recommend that you select a reflector that has a glass lens when operating metal halide lamps.

Choose from the following products:

Econowing-Galaxy 400W HPS Electronic 120-240V Grow Light
Econowing-Galaxy 400W Hortilux HPS Electronic 120-240V Light
Econowing-Galaxy 600W HPS 120-240V Electronic Grow Light
Econowing-Galaxy 600W Hortilux HPS 120-240V Electronic Grow Ligh
Econowing-Galaxy 1000W HPS 120V Electronic Grow Light
Econowing-Galaxy 1000W Hortilux HPS 120V Electronic Grow Light
Econowing-Galaxy 1000W HPS 240V Electronic Grow Light
Econowing-Galaxy 1000W Hortilux HPS 240V Electronic Grow Light

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