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GreenFuse products are pure, Organic Plant Stimulators, which are manufactured in Holland where they have undergone extensive testing by commercial growers. The results... stronger growth, bigger flowers, improved aroma and flavor. No negative residual effect on plants, people or the environment. It is a highly concentrated and easy to use nutrient additive. ROOT Stimulator: Based on natural plant extracts that will help to initiate new roots and nourish the young plant as it grows, GreenFuse Root is beneficial at all stages of the propagation process and is beneficial to all young plants. Available in Bloom, Growth, and Root stimulators.

Choose from the following products:

Green Fuse Root Stimulator Quart
Green Fuse Root Stimulator Gallon
Green Fuse Growth Stimulator Quart
Green Fuse Growth Stimulator Gallon
Green Fuse Bloom Stimulator Quart
Green Fuse Bloom Stimulator Gallon

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