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Plug'n'Grow GS220 CO2, Humidity & Temperature Controller


Plug'n'Grow IGS220 CO2, Relative Humidity and Temerature Smart Controller

  • The electronic module displays the actual values of the CO2, relative humidity and temperature sensors.
  • The controller includes an internal fan to speed up the air sampling process thus yielding better climate control.
  • The control unit can be positioned up to 6 feet away from the output box (a cable up to 50 feet can be used).
  • The control unit logs the last 24hrs minimum, maximum and average CO2
  • Optimize climate control and reduce energy bill : Multiple configurations enable the user to prioritize CO2 control over temperature or relative humidity management or vice versa. Optional timers (5 and 10 minutes) can be set to maintain the output OFF after CO2 enrichment process has ended.

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