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SL-RG.34superplug.Cat.gif Soilless Organic Grow Media

READYGRO™ is a specialized blend of perlite, coir fiber, PURE BLEND™ compost accelerator, earthworm castings, Agrimineral 72 silica clay, polymere hydro-crystals and Rootshield bio-fungicide. READYGRO™ insures accelerated plant growth and crop nutrition, faster growth rates and higher yields with optimum air to water ratio to the plant’s roots.

Choose from the following products:

ReadyGro 1.5x1.5 organic grow plugs
ReadyGro 1.5x1.5 organic grow plugs case/1400
ReadyGro Organic Grow Media Aeration Formula 1.5 cu. ft.
ReadyGro Organic Grow Media Moisture Formula 1.5 cu. ft.

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