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SS-1.S.gif Sun System 1 Remote Ballast

Sun System 1 premium remote ballast features aluminum heat sync ballast enclosure with white powder coated finish, heavy-duty key-way handle, and 8 Ft 120V MVP power cord. Convert to 240V with optional 240V MVP power cord. Optional 15 Ft detachable lamp cord and socket. Accepts all Sunlight Reflector lamp and socket cords; Optional adaptor available for use with Hydrofarm reflectors. 5-year rebuild or replace warranty.

Choose from the following products:

SS-1 400W Metal Halide Remote Ballast
SS-1 1000W Metal Halide Remote Ballast
SS-1 400W HPS Remote Ballast
SS-1 600W HPS Remote Ballast
SS-1 1000W HPS Remote Ballast

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