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Grow lights let you enjoy a 12-month growing season!Grow Lights

The Right Light At The Best Price

What size plant light do I need? 

The appropriate growing light depends on:

  • the size of the growing area
  • the light intensity required by the particular plant(s), and
  • the amount of any additional light the plant may receive (sunlight from a nearby window, for example).

This chart will help you choose the right plant light for your needs.

Do I need metal halide (MH) or HPS grow lights?

MH is the best growing light for the vegetative growth stage.  HPS is the best growing light for the budding, flowering, or fruit-producing stage.

MH lamps produce primarily blue/violet light, which plants need for photosynthesis.  These lamps promote compact vegetative growth. 

High-pressure sodium (HPS) plant lights produce primarily orange/red light, which encourages more fruit and flowering sites and higher yields.

Fluorescent grow lights are used primarily for cuttings and seedlings and plants that do not require direct sunlight, such as houseplants, orchids, violets, etc.

Which plant lighting system should I buy?

There are three basic systems available for the home grower:

  • Remote Plant Lighting FixtureRemote Lighting Fixture* -- In a remote system, the ballast and reflector are independent of each other, allowing a lighter weight reflector to be hung from the ceiling.  It also comes in a broader range of wattages (250-1500), which support a greater variety of growing areas (3' x 3' to 8' x 8').  The ballast comes in a vented enclosure and connects to the reflector via a 15-foot socket and lamp cord.  Available wattages:  MH: 250, 400, 1000 & 1500;  HPS: 250, 400, 430, 600 & 1000.
  • Enclosed Plant Lighting FixtureEnclosed Lighting Fixture* -- With the enclosed system, the ballast and reflector come in the same housing.  Ideal for smaller growing areas of 1.5' x 1.5' to 5' x 5'.  Available wattages:  MH: 100, 175, 250 & 400; HPS: 100, 150, 250 & 400; Fluorescent: 95.

*MH & HPS conversion lamps may be used on either remote or enclosed systems.  MH conversion lamps are designed to operate on HPS plant lighting systems.  HPS conversion lamps are designed to operate on MH systems.  This allows the grower to work through all growing stages with a single plant lighting system.

  • Switchable Plant Lighting FixtureSwitchable Lighting Fixture -- A switchable ballast is a remote system with the ballast and reflector being independent of each other.  Switchable systems include both an MH & HPS ballast.  With the flip of a switch, the grower can operate either a standard MH lamp for vegetative growth or a standard HPS lamp for flowering and fruiting.  Available wattages: MH & HPS: 400 & 1000.

Order your Grow Lights system now.  Or, if you still need help, email the growing area dimensions to us along with any other questions you may have, and we'll suggest alternatives that meet your plant and budget requirements.  Or call us at 888-258-0670, Monday - Friday, 9-5 ET, to discuss your plant lighting needs with an expert.  

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