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Hydroponics allows you to enjoy faster growth, higher yields and healthier plants in a relatively pest-free growing environment – year-round!  Does it get any better than that?


What is hydroponics?


Basically, hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil.  It is a more efficient means of providing water and nutrients to your plants, which offers some attractive advantages (see below).  Hydroponic systems may be used outdoors under natural sunlight, in greenhouses, or indoors using high-intensity grow lights.  Hydroponic systems are almost unlimited in how they can be configured and can accommodate just about any space, budget, or personal preference.


What are the advantages of hydroponics?


There are many; here are some of them:


ü      plants grow quicker with a higher yield and are more resistant to disease

ü      more efficient use of water and fertilizers with reduced pesticide use

ü      a 12-month growing season with no digging or weeding

ü      enhanced flavor and nutrition of crops

ü      reduced problems with disease, pests, salinity & poor drainage

ü      crop production is possible where no suitable soil exists

ü      minimal use of land area and more plants per given area

ü      it’s clean -- indoor cultivation is not a problem


Click on Hydroponics Systems for details on the individual hydroponic systems and techniques.


Click on FAQs for more questions and answers about growing with hydroponics.


Order your Hydroponics Garden now.  Or, if you still need help, email your available growing space and what types of plants you want to grow, along with any other questions you may have, and we'll make some suggestions.  Or call us at 888-258-0670, Monday - Friday, 9-5 ET, to discuss your questions with an expert.

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