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🌿 Vinyl Downspout 2" caps (set of 10) 🌿 - Hydroponic N-F-T system DIY🌿 For Sale

🌿 Vinyl Downspout 2
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🌿 Vinyl Downspout 2" caps (set of 10) 🌿 - Hydroponic N-F-T system DIY🌿:

🌿 Hydroponic NFT🌿-3D printedset of 10 caps for 2 inch holes.If you like to grow your own greens(🌱lettuce, basil, parsley, thyme, etc.🌱) and you like hydroponic, anNFTsystem is the best choice to start from.All that you need is a buy downspout, Storage Tote, and 1/4" pipe, and assemble it.
The caps are made from PETG plastic that could be used indoor/outdoor.PETG exhibits high UV resistance – making it suited to applications for the outdoors and/or require exposure to direct sunlight.
The cap is very easy to install, just snap in.

NFT hydroponics, or Nutrient Film Technique, is a popular hydroponic system that uses a thin film of nutrient-rich water to grow plants without soil. This system is highly efficient and requires less water and nutrients compared to traditional farming methods, making it a great option for sustainable indoor or outdoor farming. With NFT hydroponics, plants grow in channels or tubes, which are easy to set up and maintain.easy to use hydroponics
sustainable indoor farming
high yield hydroponics
low maintenance hydroponicsspace-saving hydroponic systemshydroponic systems for beginners
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