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Our new website is very easy to navigate, allows us to post up to date information on your orders and contains new products, great prices and information on grow lights and hydroponics supplies. Please visit our new on-line warehouse store, browse the product lines, register and place your orders from there.

Buy HPS Grow Lights, Metal Halide Grow Lights. Hydroponics Systems, HPS bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs, Liquid Plant Nutrients for Hydroponics Systems, Plant Fertilizers for soil gardens, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Grow Media and Gardening Supplies for Hydroponics Systems and Soil-Grown Gardens. Welcome to the world of Hydroponics and a 12-month growing season!

Plantlighting has very low product prices. We are able to offer the lowest prices on all products because we are a wholesale company and ship from vaious warehouses. Because of our low overhead you save on grow lights, hydroponics systems, plant nutrients & supplements, Hortilux and Sunmaster Metal Halide bulbs, and Hortilux High Pressure Sodium bulbs, timers, meters and controllers. Our pledge is to offer the lowest price on every product.

New to indoor gardening or a seasoned grower, you'll find what you're looking for. Need help selecting grow lights or a hydroponics system? Click here to find answers to some common grow lights and hydroponics systems questions.

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